PT.Sarana Bela Nusa was founded in 1981 as an essential oils trader. Then, about 5 years later, the company is an exporter of a wide range of essential oils. PT.Sarana Bela Nusa is committed to making contribution to the success of our motto Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart for which we are committed also to providing the highest quality products, reliable service and competitive pricing.Extensive stocks to be kept to the minimum, and an experienced team of specialist offers just in time service at a competitive price and to top it all off with our company integrity.

Our people understand our customers and our business enables us to work at the right time to the importance of getting the right products and services for our common well-being.

We are exporter of high-quality essential oils. Our extensive product line has proven to be cost effective solutions for our customers, especially those with requirements for essential oils that strictly maintain of high standards of quality and as near constant odour as possible from delivery to delivery. All incoming materials are subject to the strictest quality control procedures to guarantee the purity so, at PT.Sarana Bela Nusa we assure customers of consistent and dependable supplies at all times. PT.Sarana Bela Nusa today can provide you with the winning essential oils you need for tomorrow . Select essentil oils meeting your standard or tell us your needs and well custom to providing to your specification. Expand your horizons in high quality essential oils from PT.Sarana Bela Nusa. Although we are relatively new organization , one that is young and ambitious and already showing it has the talent to succeed.